How to make the urban environment comfortable and safe
This is a training site for those who want to improve the urban environment. Here we collect objects that help us make the urban space beautiful, modern and cozy. Using a smartphone and Augmented Reality technology (or just AR), you can move, scale and try on ready-made 3D objects on different planes in the real world.
It is a new technology that allows you to put digital objects in the real world and interact with it through a smartphone or special glasses. The smartphone screen is the easiest and most affordable way to experience AR.
Click on the AR icon in the upper right corner of any picture. Wait for the reaction of your phone, allow your browser to use the camera, then click "View in your space".

The phone will prompt you to twist the camera several times from side to side so that it finds horizontal surfaces in the frame.

That's all, now the object should appear. It is surrounded by a white square and you can interact with it: make it larger or smaller, rotate and move. Now it's up to you - place the object in a suitable place. You can take both photos and videos. Finished files are saved to the gallery.
Ornamental perennial plant native to Japan. Perfectly takes root and blooms in our latitudes.
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A spectacular plant native to the Far East. It tolerates frosts and forms a bright, juicy bouquet.
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Flowering plum
Plum trees look best in the form of a long alley.
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Parklet is a special wood flooring that turns a parking slot into a resting place. Usually it takes 1-2 parking spaces. In addition to benches, plants are planted in the floorings, and parking is provided for bicycles. This is a great way to expand public space in the city without sacrificing traffic.
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Bench under a tree
A great occasion to relax in a shade. Benches are easy to install and look great.
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What is a purpose?
We want to show how the city will change if modern urban planning methods and affordable beautification tools are applied. Most of the models presented here have already been tested in practice on the streets of world capitals, but for many of us it can be difficult to imagine modern experience in our city. We strive to eliminate this problem with the help of modern technology.
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